Difference Between a Page and Profile on Facebook

Every business is now rushing to develop profiles on social networking sites and jump start their marketing in Web 2.0. However, there are certain technical features about setting up a  business presence on Facebook which you need to be aware of before you jump in and start.  So, before you spend countless hours frustrated, take the time to learn about the difference between a Facebook business page versus an individual profile on Facebook.

Facebook is evolving to accommodate business pages vs. individual profiles. In its latest re-design, Facebook has made a clear distinction between profiles and pages. The bottom line is profiles are now only for individuals and pages are for business. Profiles and pages have different features. In fact there are certain features which are no longer permitted for business pages but are indeed available to individual profiles. Here are the major changes that I found from my research:

  • Businesses are only allowed to open pages NOT profile. A business which opens a profile page is in direct violation of TOS.
  • Business pages allow other users to become fans, but access to the individual profile pages are limited.
  • Business pages do not allow the ability to invite friends – in fact business pages cannot maintain a friends list – they can only maintain a fan list. In fact this feature is disabled on business pages.
  • Business pages do allow updating your status (which gets shared with your fans)
  • Business pages allow: pictures, videos, discussion board, application, wall posts, groups and other interactive elements.

This is from a section on Facebooks official policy (on difference between profile and pages):

Facebook profiles are meant to represent a single individual. Organizations of any type are not permitted to maintain an account under the name of their organization. We have created Facebook Pages to allow organizations to have a presence on Facebook. These Pages are distinct presences, separate from user profiles, and optimized for an organization’s needs to communicate, distribute information/content, engage their fans, and capture new audiences virally through their fan’s recommendations to their friends. Facebook Pages are designed to be a media rich, valuable presence for any artist, business or brand.

If you create a profile for your business, your account may be disabled for violating our Terms of Use. If you have questions about how to best leverage your Facebook Page, please check out our Insider’s Guide or FAQ.

Facebook’s policy in terms of how business can use their pages:

All personal site features, such as friending and messaging, are also for personal use only and may not be used for professional promotion. If you add a user as a friend, for example, this person will be invited to be a friend of your profile and not your Page. Using personal site features for professional promotion, or creating unauthorized Pages, may result in your account being warned or disabled.

Now that you know the difference, go ahead and open your account. Once you’re ready take a look at Stephanie Chandler’s blog post on “How to Use Facebook for Business: Social Networking 101 for Entrepreneurs, Authors and Speakers.”


  • KateNonymous says:

    This all seems true for a month or so ago. I’ve found that since the latest redesign, pages have become more like profiles, and that’s not necessarily to the business’s benefit. The creation of pages–and the limitation of profiles to individuals–predates the redesign, so I’m not sure how that is a recent development either.

  • Scharlotte Coulter says:

    I still don’t see the purpose of having a “home” and a “profile” page. Nor do I understand the purpose of each. Thanks.

  • Melissa says:

    I have a fan (business) page and of course, an admin profile attached to that. I’m having trouble differentiating what my fans see based on what i post.

    for instance, i have 45 ‘friends’ on the admin profile page and 50 or so ‘fans’ on my fan page. If i post a status update or link from my fan page, my fans don’t necessarily see that link. If i post it from my admin profile page, my FRIENDS see the link, but not my fans.

    i don’t get it. There should be some kind of flow chart that tells what you post where and who gets to see it. Do you know of anything like this?

    thanks for any input or advice!

    • Shailesh Ghimire says:

      Melissa – looks like you need to play around a bit and solidify how it works. I haven’t looked into this recently. So, I’m at a loss myself. When you figure it our do share with us. Thanks for stopping by.

  • aliefsesk says:

    Oh my god loved reading this blogpost. I added your rss to my reader!

  • Joan Atwood says:

    I do not understand the difference between “Home” and “Profile”. Some info written on profile is not on Home and visa versa and some info is on both. What is the difference and what is the point of each?

  • keymnamnedo says:


  • Jess says:

    PLease help,
    I have created a PAGE…..and it gives me the option to create a pfile to go with it…but I am scared to do so because the rules say that you cant do that?
    and they can shut you down if you do? So why does it give me the choice?
    I cant look at anyones page or profile unnless I create one?

  • EAS_CDN says:

    Question – we have recently set up social media. When setting up a fan page it asks you to log into your facebook account. I do not want to use my personal one … so now what. I had to create a profile for our company. That means I am in direct violation of TOS, but then how do you get around this?

  • Dby9 says:

    I set up a business page for client and thought I had to set up personal profile for them in order to get a username. Now when I enter the business name it goes to the personal profile. How do I get the profile deleted without deleting the business page? Client not happy.

  • Alex says:

    Nice post.

    Marketers will always find a way to make money off things like Facebook and Twitter. The best way I have seen so far is the soft sell. Never directly sell anything to anyone on these two sites.

    Simply provide pitch-free content (in-site or on the social media platforms themselves), and include some links back to your site where you can have your sales funnel set up. The line in your header sums this attitude up quite nicely.

  • Gysysyy says:

    same happened to me :(

    have you or anyone figured it out?

    SOS please!

  • Dbaker says:

    I set up my business as a profile first and then set up the business page. Unfortunately I used the same email address and now my profile has been disabled and I cannot access my Fan Page! Please help!

  • Dennison Uy says:

    My friend has a business and he setup a profile for it. Now we created a page for the business under the same profile. Can we deactivate the profile without deactivating the business page?

  • Add someone else as Admin (or two people to be doubly safe), then delete the old account.

  • Stephanie Chandler's post is extremely outdated, and I think it a disservice to your readers and hers to represent it as current advice.

  • All in all an excellent post; I have shared it on my own Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/

  • houshang karimi says:

    question was difference betweeen home and profile for individual members?

  • Shailesh says:

    I agree – but please understand that this is a very old article, please refer to the date stamp.

  • Noelle says:

    I have an individual profile and want to set up and business page. Can I transfer all my friends to 'like' me or do I have to ask them to 'like' me?

  • Shailesh says:

    From my understanding, you can not transfer all your friends to “like” your business. You have to promote your business page and ask people to like you. I ended up asking my friends to kindly go over and like them. You lose a lot of people but at least a few do.

  • Jelo says:

    What's the point of having a news feed on my Facebook page if I'm not allowed to like other pages or friend profiles? My news feed just stays empty! I am very confused on how this Facebook page thing works. I have used Facebook with a personal profile for a long time and know my way around but I am lost with my Facebook business page. The help sections aren't very clear and instead of messages that say I am not allowed to perform certain actions as a page I just get an 'oops' error message that says they will fix the problem.

  • Jelo says:

    I figured it out. You have to be signed into your personal profile which is attached to your business page. When you browse other pages their is a link under their profile picture towards the bottom of the page (on the left). It says 'add to my page's favorites'.

  • Shailesh says:

    Glad you figured it out and thanks for letting us know you did.

  • Facebook has changed things a bit recently. Few months ago, any user that visit your Facebook business page can suggest it to their friends. Now, only admins can suggest the page to their friends. Non admins can only share the page on their wall.

  • Nothing can be done at this point. You should always have two different accounts. The first one to create your business page and never use it to break the TOS of Facebook. The second one will be used to promote your business page, with that one you don't care about being suspended. You should also other profiles as admin of the page so if for any reason the account used to create the page is suspended you can still have access to it with another admin account.

  • There are so many advantages in having a Facebook business page. The one I personally like is the ability to send notifications to all your fans. Imagine that you have 10000 fans, you can message them in one click to tell them about a new product and whatever; very powerful! Also there is not limits in the number of fans you can have while Facebook profiles are limited to 5K friends.

  • Shailesh says:

    Great suggestions. This is indeed a very cool feature of a Facebook business page.

  • Chadrack says:

    Thanks for this clearification. When I started out with no knowledge of what I was really doing I created personally profile and in the username I used my business name. Though I later created a fan page for my business I have been trying to change my profile username to my personal name now that I know the differences but that has not been possible.

  • Cdmdance says:

    Thanks very helpful. But now my fan page has become a community page. Is it the same thing?

  • Thanks for the clear difference between a facebook profile and a page. Also, you can interact with other pages using your FB page. I'm wondering if “suggest to friends” feature works for FB page too?

  • us fda says:

    Yeah i agree this one.. nowadays that profile creation is too rush.. Because of that traffic.. In that time period you are sharing this difference between a page and profile on facebook.. Thanks for sharing this information..

  • confused says:

    I have a business page under my facebook profile account.  When I visit another page and like what I see, I want to share it with the fans on my business page.  But when I click ”share” it just gets posted to my profile, and not my business page.  How can I share with my business page?

  • I hate how they limited the suggestion feature to only page owners. I wish they would bring back the old suggestion.

  • Lanzarlaflecha says:

    I convert my personal profile into a page for my publishing house but I can't search or interact or see other profiles. Is it correct?

  • I created a page and “like” button on http://www.lavenderevents.com/

    The problem I'm having with using a page, is that “inviting” people isn't an option.  When I sent out an email to my list serve, people signed up to be my individual friend, not a member of the page. :*(

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  • Nvent99 says:

    Thanks for this article.  I didn't know this when I set up my page.  I have a profile with business info.  How do I convert my info from a profile to a page?  And, do I lose all my info.

  • This is a great article about the differenct between a Page and a Profile!

  • biltong says:

    Same here, anybody have an answer to this?

  • I eager to learn more and more about Facebook.. I could get nice info from this post.. 
    Great work guys, keep it up!

  • I run a small taxi company in Penzance. The advantage that we have with a profile for our business is that with most iphones, androids or blackberrys will automatically have our phone number etc in it. When they want a taxi, they have our contact details already in their phones. It takes no pre planning. 

    For me, this is the main reason that we won't switch to a fan page.

  • Julian says:

    Thanks a lot, this is a good post. I have a FB profile and now I am about to start a page for business.

  • Thanks for this article.  I didn't know this when I set up my page.  I have a profile with business info.  How do I convert my info from a profile to a page?  And, do I lose all my info.

  • David Morgan says:

    When it comes to Social Media Marketing, I firmly believe that “fan” pages are the way forward for businesses.

    Even though I have a regular profile page, I decided a while back to create a “page” for my Web Design portfolio and I believe this is the way forward for businesses and organisations, of all sizes and reputations.

  • Daniel P Goetz says:

    If I transfer my facebook profile to a fan page do all my friends become fans?

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  • Richard says:

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  • duvet covers says:

    Businesses are only allowed to open pages NOT profile. A business which opens a profile page is in direct violation of tos.

  • harrywhite121 says:

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  • johnmichel13 says:

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  • You need to switch so you are using facebook as your page and not your personal profile.

  • I have a couple of business pages and would like to disassociate myself from these pages as someone is targetting my personal profile. Can I add another admin and then remove myself? Will the page then not be connected to my facebook personal profile at all so if for example my personal profile was removed, the page would remain?

  • nikki says:

    look on the side panel…it should ask if you want to use the page as an admin or yourself…

  • Slynch says:

    Help…I created a business Facebook page before making a personal page…it wont let me make a personal one now…how do I now make a personal profile now.

  • jfullerart says:

    I'm sure you've found your answer already, but just in case….
    you can add your page and suggest it to your friends. I've had pretty good response to mine, but some haven't followed up. I believe my initial problem was not making a clear enough connection between my page and myself. I'd make that clear.
    The good thing is that I have people all of the time who like my page without friending me on my personal page. It's possible for total strangers to find your page and start getting your newsfeeds, etc.
    Hope that helps.

  • rossitek says:

    Even we 2 done same. how can i increase no of likes to my fan page. if i have personal account then i can send them a message. but i have not created persoanl account. Guys plz suggest how do i increase likes ? or do i need to create personal profile? rossitekapps@gmail.com

  • Dsgb819 says:

    If i had a personal profile then created a page from that profile can i delete the personal profile without deleting the created page

  • Cannabis Country says:

    I am having trouble with Facebook. Made a account as a brand. I am unable to ad a picture to my admin. So when I post on other peoples walls its blank and doesn't have a name. Its only a silhouette. I do have a user name and profile picture but that doesn't show when I post. Also unable to like anyone. Only can like there posts on there wall. I also cant show my likes. I don't have a fan page. Only those who like me.

    I also just connected my twitter account to facebook and i slicked allow tweets to show on profile, but not the wall. But I only have a wall. I don't seem to have a profile. Because my tweets don't show anywhere nor does it show I have my twitter account connected. Facebook is the most user unfriendly thing I have used in a Looong time. And if you seen my blog you would see I am no “Nube” when it comes to this type of stuff.

    Any help would be appreciated. You can find my contact info on my blog. My blog is called Cannabis Country. Yes I am in the medical marijuana niche. And my blog address is. Cannabis-Country.blogspot.com

    Please help!

  • Abbeyjohn says:

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  • Question 1001 says:

    Howdy.  Did you ever get an answer to this question.  I have the same question.  Let me know.  Thanks!

  • Thanks for the good information i got through in this site..

  • I already have a facebook profile page that I created for my business years ago; now recently created a like page for the buisness. Am I able to delete the actual profile page for the business without it deleting my LIKE fan page? thank you

  • Tnmnwr says:

    Can I be an admin to a fan page if I only have a business account? For example when they “add admin” and enter my email  - should my business facebook account already set up by then? because when i tried to add an admin to a group I made as a business account, it did not NOTIFY them by email because they didn't have an account yet? does that make sense? thanks for ur help

  • Aneesa23 says:

    if i delete my facebokkk fan page, would my profile be deactivated also?

  • Trevor Leffingwell says:

    How do I keep my personal likes from showing up on my business page?

  • personal profile is kept with u only and business related information or any other details will be provided onto the separate pages

  • Sam says:

    I am trying to convert a brand new profile to a page (didn't know that was availabe until after we created the profile) anyway….it says I need to use the same computer I have previously browsed the page on. I created it on the computer I am using but we never browsed anything because it was brand new.  What can I do?

  • Garry_1 says:

    I am trying to help a local company in England that created a facebook business page. They want their status updates to be also tweeted to their Twitter account. I'm a newbie to facebook so I tested doing this on my own facebook profile to my twitter and it works. However on their page I don't get the options to link updates to twitter or to add the “facebook to twitter” app. I am an admin for their page but cannot see the same options that I have on my own facebook. I would be very gratefull is someone can help or just tell me if it cannot be done.

  • This is an excellent information forever.

  • No u have to manually deactivate it by sending request to admin

  • Aneesa23 says:

    how do i delete my fan page and keep my profile?

  • This post made a lot of very good points – ones I haven't even considered before.  For that reason, my views on this matter are going to have to be revised.

  • Robins says:

    We have a profile page that was created for business and then a fan page.  Can I delete the profile page and keep the fan page?  Right now people are finding our profile easier than our fan page and I really want to eliminate the profile or at least make it harder to find.
    Thanks for your help.

  • thanks for sharing this article

  • Luis Sytsma says:

    hey garry im curious do you charge for your services?

  • Garry_1 says:

    On this occasion I am not charging anything as I feel it is to my benefit to gain more experience in these areas. I can fix networks, remove viruses and rebuild PC's as well as helping with software problems – for this I do charge a small fee.

  • compaq6720 says:

    Fantastic site, thanks for the detailed information
     and looking forward to learning more form you in the future.

  • Perfect ideas for your story and great food for thought.

  • Bob Gilbert says:

    And I have the exact same question.  Appears that others do also.  Wish someone knew the answer.  I'm guessing that you can add another admin to the business page, remove the old admin (the one from your personal page), then deactivate the old personal page account.  But this is only a guess, I haven't tried it.

  • Clara says:

    I have done that but it still gets posted to my profile??????

  • Clara says:

    I make sure that I use the page as business but it still gets shared on my profile??????

  • kimg says:

    how do you message everyone in one click (does this mean you can add them all to an event in one click as well?) ? Also how do you transfer your friends from your profile to your fan page?

  • This article really helped to disabuse me of a few misapprehensions I was laboring under.  Thanks for that, and we'll see what else I can learn here!  

  • pink says:

    I created a page for an non-profit organization, however, when I try to search for it, the page cannot be found. Any suggestons?

  • Donna Moreno says:

    Enlightening. Thank you for sharing. 

  • Mscusoon says:

    Hi, Did you ever receive and answer to this question? The very same thing happened to me! Thanks

  • CCHESSER says:

    I created a page for an non-profit organization, however, when I try to search for it, the page cannot be found. Any suggestons? HELP

  • Smssales says:

    Because it's stupid as hell….Facebook Pages CAN NOT be searched…
    can you believe that???? how are you suppose to promote your business.
    i've been trying to creats something feasible my organization can use to promote themselves and facebook is not the place to do it. it's like advertising in a newspaper and hope that someone picks it up to read…good luck

  • Smssales says:

    As for twitter, all i can say is DITTO. What is mark doing to us…seriously? All of a sudden we require a 4 year facebook degree to get a simple page up to advertise our company, and maybe post weekly. this is going in the way of subscriptions. I'd start finding a new site to post your company on sooner than later.

  • Smssales says:

    yes that is a great feature, its just unfortunate that you can't search anyone, they can't search for your page…kind of eliminates the ability to advertise.

  • Sylwiafiga says:

     i have exactly the same problem, i converted a private profile into a business one and now it cannot be found… it's so frustrating… can anybody help?

  • I am really impressed that there is so much information about this subject that has been uncovered and you did it so well, with so much class. Good one you, man! Really great stuff here

  • Brian says:

    Is it better to use the “like” button for your actual site URL, or for the business page on Facebook?  I like the idea of people liking my page but I'd also like to have those people on my FB page so I can send them updates about the site. Anybody have an opinion on that?

  • Harrisonblue says:

    You have to actvate thru text…

  • DE says:

    Question: My business Facebook page won't let me Search, Like or Message anyone!  Why can my competitors do it but not me? Does anyone have any tips or advice?

  • Very nice explanation here, clearly define the difference btw both of them! Good job :) 

  • wow your post is very informative, I love to read it, I got idea specially on my fan page.

  •  Really I appreciate the effort you made to share the knowledge. The topic here i found was really effective to the topic which I was researching for a long time.

  • Okay, so I created a business page. If we are not allowed to invite friends from it why does it have a pull down menu at the top that says invite friends. Also, how is the correct way to let people know about the business page? Is that the same as a fan page? Can we tell people about our business page in our timeline? so confusing

  • gigi says:

    Hi Robins,
    have you ever figured this out? I'm in the same boat.

    email me if you have 

  • gigi says:

    sorry, that email was incorrect…just respond through this forum

  • gigi says:

    I have the same concern…any answers?

  • how do you message everyone in one click (does this mean you can add
    them all to an event in one click as well?) ? Also how do you transfer
    your friends from your profile to your fan page?

  • Team Mak says:

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  • Jetacygnit says:

    why my personal account is converted into a fun page ?!?can i get my facebook account back?how?

  • ohio says:

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  • Eileen Musser says:

    What good are all these questions if nobody is writing meaningful answers?

  • Dssummers 81 says:

    The article you suggest reading by Stephanie Chandler goes almost entirely against everything you just said regarding a business making a profile

  • ajtarriba says:

    What about Public Figures as a brand? Page or Profile??

  • I need your help – seriously.  I am unable to share from ANY of my FB pages except back to that
    same FB page timeline. I obviously have some setting incorrect in my personal profile
    page https://www.facebook.com/krisa
    I have searched for this answer for 3 weeks and cannot find it. I`m pulling my
    hair out.

    You`ll see duplicates on my Page where I tried it and it gives
    me no options except to share it with that same timeline – which is redundant.


    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Kris Spears, ND ACN


  • Angie says:

    I have created a profile page earlier on facebook, later on a personal page. And I post the updates via NetworkedBlog. Everything worked fine until this April. The thumbnail on the page (not the profile) has stopped showing up, instead, the thumbnail of the new postings stays the same, namely the profile image of the page. Any idea what went wrong? Thanks in advance. Angie

  • This is frustrating as an artist/designer/photographer… you want to be able to connect and promote to people on a “professional” level without having to bother your personal friends… yet I can't access/ like profession related groups using my professional page… that's ridiculous

  • Thomasyeoes says:

    I have the same problem. I created a page and when I tried to add myself as the featured page owner, I find that I have no name and picture.

    When I use a mobile app to post, it goes to my profile instead of page. When using the laptop, I can't access what I have posted from my mobile. 

  • Sarah says:

    Hi, if I convert my personal page to a fan page, will people still be able to tag me in their pictures?  I'm just worried the conversion will mess with the tagging feature and I won't pop up when they go to tag me.  That is very important for me, so I'd like to know before making the switch.  Any insight would be great!  Thanks!

  • Ready Made Curtains Sydney says:

    Very informative post about Facebook.Thanks Dude.

  • apank says:

    I have a personal and business account with Facebook. I want to delete my personal but keep my business page. how do I delete my personal account seeing that I can only access my business through my personal account? how will i be able to sign in?

  • Alan says:

    Hi Social Reflections ,
    I created this facebook page http://www.facebook.com/SgWarehouseSa... in Sep 2012.
    But seems that the fans coming in are quite slow and just to clarify is there a facebook policy to limit number of fans from reading daily posts, so that's why we have to pay to promote our messages?

    SG Warehouse Sale & Events

  • Mina says:

    I created a business page, added my personal facebook profile email to the page. Now It seems I lost my personal profile even after deleting my email by another page's admins. Is there any solution to get back to personal profile?

  • Album privacy with business pg says:

    Is there a way to make an album private on the business page? I understand it's possible to deactivate the page while working on it, but I wish there was a way to make an album private before going public without deactivating the page.

  • ambreen11 says:

    I really agree with your post. Facebook profiles are for personal, non-commercial use only. They
    represent individuals and must be held under an individual name. Pages
    are for professional or official use, and allow an organization,
    business, celebrity or band to maintain a presence on Facebook.

  • Bill says:

    Hi guys, I recommend a new app that in 1 click it creates websites using your facebook pages. Try it, it's free:
    Have a FB page… but not a website? Try it now.

  • can facebook do something about too many cat pictures on the internet? REally bothers me

  • can facebook do something about too many cat pictures on the internet? REally bothers me

  • vdriscol says:

    If I start a page under my profile, can my followers engage in a conversation with me. My goal is for others to share experiences etc. If that's not possible, may not be worth starting and I may have to start blog.

  • Daniel says:

    Thanks for posting, All this time later, it was a good article for me to share with colleagues to help explain the difference between profiles and pages.

  • gary says:

    To clear up confusion for the lad a few posts down:

    If you create a business/brand/etc page, it will automatically say “facebook.com/pages/name/123456…“. (notice it says pages in the url followed by a string of numbers). This is how it first starts off for everyone making a “PAGE” (not profile).

    If that page gets 25+ followers, you get the option to create a vanity URL for your page and it changes to “facebook.com/name” (much shorter and privileged).

  • Shailesh Ghimire says:

    Hi KateNonymous,

    I wouldn’t presume that this is the most current information considering how fast things seem to change. However, there does appear to be major difference between how things worked in the fall vs. now. I wanted to condense that information into one place as a resource. I appreciate your comment and would love to get some of the more recent information you reference if you would be able to share.


  • Shailesh Ghimire says:

    Hi Scharlotte,

    Simply having a page or a profile on Facebook is not really that valuable. You need to define a purpose for it and outline a reason to have this outlet. Maybe it doesn’t make sense for you, but it can certainly be useful in certain markets.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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